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Once more

It's that time again. Another year of this website existing has gone by. Another however many dollars was spent on a domain name. This year, however, marks the tenth anniversary of the zetanor.net TLD. A full decade of serving nonsense to a handful of people.

As is tradition (when I feel like it, anyway), a new index page has been cooked up to commemorate. There's not much here yet but then again, there's never been much useful front-facing content on my little cyber-home. The previous "temporary" placeholder front page which was completely useless exemplifies this very well; it managed to survive for about two and a half years.

How time flies.

Whatever happened to this poor beast in recent years, it is now back in action, rocking some beautifully handcrafted, 100% organic HTML. All that remains is to see what will grow out of this mess.

It's hard to tell when or even if any content is ever going to be added. For all I know, the site might still be celebrating its 10th birthday in a couple of years. I do have plans, however, so know that I at least want to update this in the near future.

See ya 'round, cyber cowboy...