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As of 2017-09-25, my preferred web browser is Mozilla Firefox.

It feels as though it's become clunkier with every update for the past few years but it remains my daily beater. Whatever flaws it may have, I find its pros (e.g. it's FOSS, it isn't a botnet client...) to be far more important than its cons (e.g. Mozilla is nutty, it crashes a few times a week).


What follows is a list of addons that I use on one or more of my computers. Many of them are available for other browsers (e.g. Opera or Chrome) due to the userscript-ish nature of modern addon systems. That said, I would strongly recommend using them to extend Firefox rather than any other (clearly inferior) user agent.


Somewhat of a NoScript for power users. It allows you to specify what types of resources each website can fetch or use, most notably cookies and scripts. An absolute must if you want a safer and more private web experience at the cost of web experience degradation and a fair amount of time consumption in the first few days of use. My setting is a global block on everything that isn't a first party image, stylesheet or frame. I then manually add cross-site capabilities as needed whenever I need to use poorly engineered websites that rely on CDNs.


An ad blocker based on uBlock. It adds the option to download and automatically click on ads in order to disrupt your advertising profile. You also get a nice page that can show you all the ads it blocked or "blocked". I personally use it at a 35% click rate because clicking all ads likely doesn't actually count your click and I want the advertisement industry to bleed money for participating in the hypercommoditization of the Internet. Works well as a complement to uMatrix if you set them up properly. uBlock is certainly enough if you're not going to be turning on the ad fetching option.


Essentially a local cacher for some common CDN content. This has the effect of making your web browsing slightly faster and much more private. You wouldn't notice the speed difference but it seemed to work when I tested it so there's strictly no reason not to use it.


Shows a little flag to your UI indicating where the server you're connecting to is located. Can be useful under certain circumstances like noticing host changes or figuring out what content can legally be hosted there.

Enhanced Steam

Makes the Steam website usable. Mandatory for frequent Steam users.

Iridium (Formerly YouTube Plus / Particle)

Makes the YouTube website usable. Mandatory for frequent YouTube users.

Web Developer

Becoming obsolete as browser vendors are making their inspectors more and more complete. That said, it still deserves a place in my addons for now as it offers enough non-inspector features that I wouldn't want to collect elsewhere.


Used to be a good proxy switcher but it's now terrible so I'll have to find an alternative so I won't bother linking to it. Though I haven't used it much, Proxy Switcher seems fine.

HTTPS Everywhere

Good idea but the implementation is naive and potentially harmful. It ends up sending what's essentially a partial browsing history to a third party server so I won't recommend it anymore. I'll have to find an alternative but still use it in the meantime.

Clean Links

As it says in the title; it cleans up links, removing tracking data and rebuilds direct hrefs rather than going through click counters. Doesn't work on most sites anymore and all current alternatives are inferior. I'll need to find an alternative.