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Technical specifications
Pronunciation Any of the following are accepted:
  • zey-ta-nor
  • zett-nor
  • zey-fine-der
Pronounciation My pronouns are la/li/lu/le/lo. "Le" is preferred if I don't know you.
  • b (bee)
  • Zenor (zee-nor)
  • The Big Z
Race Cyberman
Class Cybermancer
Team affiliations
  • Pr0PWN gaming
  • NoXiousNet Rollermine Soccer Team
Special traits
  • Mumbles a lot
  • Amateur archivist
  • Terminal stage autist
  • Virtual sadist
  • Hairy
  • Cool
Top speed I can run pretty fast, actually
MSRP $27,999 (2016)

I exist on-line at the following hyperlinks:

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